Temporary workers
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Temporary workers

As of January 1, 2020, a new regulation from the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) governing the activities of personnel placement agencies and temporary foreign worker recruitment agencies will enter into force. Under this regulation, agencies must, among other things, hold a compulsory licence issued by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST). Companies that use the services of an agency must make sure that the agency holds a regulatory licence, as required by the CNESST.

For information on all the provisions, consult the CNESST link.

The following is a typical procedure that will give you an idea of the steps you need to take to work in Québec temporarily. In most instances, your employer will take the initial steps. But since they concern you, it is only appropriate that you should know about them.

The standard procedure also describes what you will have to do on your own in order to reside in Québec. This procedure ends with an application for permanent residence, should you decide to immigrate to Québec permanently.

We strongly advise you not to take any definitive steps (for example, leaving your job, taking out travel insurance, purchasing plane tickets, etc.) before you have obtained the necessary authorization to come and work in Québec (LMIA, CAQ for work and the authorization letter from the Canadian embassy).



Your 7-step procedure!

  1. Finding out about Québec and various aspects of temporary work
    Are you interested in residing in Québec to work? Get the facts about subjects specifically related to temporary workers in Québec, and do not forget all the other aspects of life in Québec society. You will appreciate your stay all the more for it!

  2. Obtaining the authorizations to work temporarily in Québec
    An employer in Québec has offered you a job. Your plans to immigrate are taking shape and you would like to obtain the authorizations to reside in Québec. Take note of the steps your employer must take and those that you have to take on your own.

  3. Preparing for your stay in Québec
    Soon you will be discovering new horizons. You will be leaving for Québec where you have decided to reside in order to work. In the meantime, make the best of this interval by preparing yourself. Your temporary stay in Québec will be that much easier.

  4. Arriving in Québec and settling in
    This section provides all the information you need to help you settle in.

  5. Obtaining new authorizations for temporary work once in Québec
    Your employer wants to extend your employment contract? You wish to change employer ? You must obtain new authorizations in order to continue working temporarily in Québec. Take note of the steps you need to follow.

  6. Staying in Québec permanently
    You are presently residing in Québec as a temporary worker and have decided that you would like to stay here permanently. Find out about the steps you have to follow to submit an immigration application.

  7. Taking steps towards your successful integration into Québec
    Once you have obtained permanent residence, you can benefit from the services offered by the government of Québec and its partner organizations to facilitate your integration.

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